“Dynamic”, is Bakery with Halal Certification at Jakarta

Salam Everyone, good to see halal bakery at Jakarta and available in major shopping malls in Indonesia


Halal Restaurant at Washington DC: Mayur Kabob House

Salam, just few blocks from White House, we can find Pakistani – Indian restaurant serving “halal food” for Moslems visitors. Surely, not only Moslems eat there. Try this place,as they serve delicious food and the restaurant is pretty at the center of DC


“HALAL GUYS” at New York City

HALAL GUYS. What I like from New York, is as we can find halal food in almost every corner of the street there. Will be lovely if we can do it during late spring and summer , and we just probably can eat on the street, wearing shirt and jeans (without winter gear and glove) 🙂 Not sure, Halal Guys is associated with Halal Boys in Indonesia, but the menu tasted similar except Halal Guys was pretty more salty, but definitely delicious. Really recommend all Moslems who visit NY, please buy and eat their famous gyro there.


GO GO Franks: Specialised Sausage with Halal Certification at Jakarta

Salam, if you are sausage lover, and would like to taste variaty of Sausage, you should come here. 



Halal Fresh Milk From Australia (Devondale)

Salam everyone,

I just tried this skim fresh milk from Australia, quite tasty and halal certified (by Victoria Islamic Council)



Halal Fried Chicken: Crispyku

Salam, if you like fried chicken, please try this brand: “Crispyku”, a tasty one and more affordable.