Halal Kebab at Hongkong !

Salam All, if you go travel to Hongkong, this can be an alternative for Halal Food. I tried twice.

His picture was taken from their official website. Happy travel :-)


Is Burger King Halal Certified at Singapore?

Salam All, Burger King is halal registered by MUIS (Singapore’s Islamic Ulama/Council). See below picture taken from their official site, and see the “halal” logo at the bottom of the image.


Korean Food, with Halal Certification at Jakarta

Salam Everone, if you like Korean food, and need halal certified one. Try Lotteria. They serve uniquely tasty burger, and other menu.

Below picture taken from one of their advertisement at Sudirman St.


Lau’s Kopitiam Obtained Halal Certificate from MUI

Salam Everyone,

If you are kopitiam lovers, thus we must be delighted to know that Lau’s Kopitiam has received halal certification from MUI.

Now, having a cup of their delicious milk tea and toasted bread will be more enjoyable and peacefull.

Below picture was taken from official website of Lau’s Kopitiam


Halal Restaurant at Hongkong International Airport

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you need halal food at Hongkong International Airport, please come to Popeyes. See below image taken from the airport official website


Halal Restaurant at Changi Airport

Salam Everyone,

Surely, some of us will come to Changi Airport (Singapore) quite frequently. As Moslems, we need halal food indeed. Please find the airport’s official website informing us the availability of halal restaurants there: halal restaurants at Changi Airport

Below image was taken from Changi’s official website.


Suki & BBQ Restaurant at Jakarta with Halal Certification

Salaam All Food Lovers,

Surely not easy to find Suki restaurant with halal certification issues by MUI. Therefore this might be good alternative for us. For me, it’s good taste, affordable, quite accessible and most important thing is halal certified.

Please come to their site: http://www.raacharesto.com/

Below image was taken from their official website.


Halal Food at Universal Studio – Singapore

Salam Everyone,

in case you need to consume halal food at Universal Studio – Singapore, please click this link:


Dong Lai Shun, A Moslem Restaurant At Beijing


If you come to Beijing (China), Dong Lai Shun is one of the Moslem Restaurant that you can visit. The hot pot with thin sliced of meat is the most favorite menu there. Also, this restaurant sells quite pricey food. There, not only Moslems eat, but also others. When I came there, it was lunch time, and all tables were fully occupied.

The location of this restaurant is at Wangfujing street, that’s pretty closed to MRT station. The spot is very noticeable, as people can see this easily. Please see it’s image below.


Halal Certified Restaurants in Lucky Plaza Singapore

Salaam All,

Please find as follow halal certified restaurants in Lucky Plaza – Singapore:

1. Ayam Bakar Ojolali (Grilled Chicken)
2. Ayam Bakar President (Grilled Chicken)
3. Ayam Penyet Ria
4. Pizza Hut
5. McDonalds

Thanks and wassalam


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