Halal Food in Nusa Dua – Bali

Salam Everyone, finding Halal food in Bali, particularly in Nusa Dua area is quite challenging. This restaurant provides Halal Food, they guarantees all food served there are 100% compliance although they still sell alcohol beverage.


Is this Cadbury Chocolate Halal in Indonesia?

This question started from Malaysia, same question is relevant too in Indonesia !

look at below link !

Is Cadbury Halal in Indonesia? Question from Indonesia Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI)

Wanna eat Halal Sushi at Jakarta?

Salam All Sushi Lovers,

Now you have halal sushi Resto at Jakarta. You may check their website: http://sushibar.co.id , and also see below news


Halal Donut & Coffee at Jakarta

Can you find halal Donut at Jakarta?


Halal Catering Indonesia : Alfabet Catering

Salam Semua,

Apabila membutuhkan catering untuk pernikahan, business event ataupun kegiatan lain, dapet mempertimbangkan catering yg sudah bersertifikat halal dari MUI ini. Insya Allah, kegiatan akan memperoleh berkah Allah SWT


Halal Chocolate at Jakarta (Indonesia) – updated version


I tried to list down some “HALAL CHOCOLATE” brands I found in supermarkets at Jakarta. I believe as Moslem, we must consume halal foods available in the market. For chocolate lovers (including me), this is a big issue, as a lot of local and imported chocolates are not halal labeled, and I personally decided not to buy and consume them.

Below is the list of halal chocolate that I captured, and I wish the list will be longer later on. I will try update should I found a new halal labeled chocolate. FYI, I did it based on my personal consumption experience, I did not go through the whole chocolate shelves in markets, therefore any comments informing me/us about halal products (which are not yet listed here) will be much appreciated. I do hope this list might be a reference for Moslems at Jakarta to buy chocolate.

1. Monggo (made in Indonesia)
2. Cadbury *
3. Silver Queen (made in Indonesia)
4. Kit Kat *
5. Berryls (made in Malaysia)
6. Alfredo (made in Malaysia)
7. Choco Mucho (made in Philippines)
8. Choc O’ Time (made in Malaysia)
9. Some brands produced by Delfi: Treasures, Take It, Chic Choc, Cha Cha, Top (mostly made in Indonesia)
10. Van Houten
11. Beng Beng (made in Indonesia)

*) Products manufactured by MNC (Cadbury, Kit Kat, etc) might be manufactured in Indonesia or their other regional factories, such as in Thailand, etc.

Thankd and wassalam

Note: this article was also published at http://www.taufikariefhasibuan.com


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